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Scaling up effects of measures mitigating pollinator loss from local- to landscape-level population responses.

Kleijn, D., Linders, T., Stip, A., Biesmeijer, J.C., Wäckers, F.L. & Bukovinszky, T.  2018Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 9,1727–1738.
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 6Delivery of crop pollination services is an insufficient argument for wild pollinator conservation

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David Kleijn, Rachael Winfree, Ignasi Bartomeus, Luísa G Carvalheiro, Mickaël Henry, Rufus Isaacs, Alexandra-Maria Klein, Claire Kremen, Leithen K M'Gonigle, Romina Rader, Taylor H Ricketts, Neal M Williams, Nancy Lee Adamson, John S Ascher, András Báldi, Péter Batáry, Faye Benjamin, Jacobus C Biesmeijer, Eleanor J Blitzer, Riccardo Bommarco et al. 2015Nature Communications 6, Article number: 7414
 5Crop management modifies the benefits of insect pollination in oilseed rape.Lorenzo Marini, Giovanni Tamburini, Edoardo Petrucco-Toffolo, Sandra A.M. Lindström, Federica Zanetti, Giuliano Mosca, Riccardo Bommarco 2015Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 207, 61-66. 
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 2EU agricultural reform fails on biodiversity.Pe’er, G., Dicks, L.V., Visconti, P., Arlettaz, R., Báldi, A., Benton, T.G., Collins, S., Dieterich, M., Gregory, R.D., Hartig, F., Henle, K., Hobson, P.R., Kleijn, D., Neumann, R.K., Robijns, T., Schmidt, J., Shwartz, A., Sutherland, W.J., Turbe, A., Wulf, F. & Scott, A.V. 2014Science 344: 1090-1092
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Project Deliverables

 Deliverable Description
 Deliverable 1.1Database compiling above- and below-ground biodiversity data from previous projects.
 Deliverable 1.2Report on the relation between landscape structure, on-farm management and above-ground biodiversity.
 Deliverable 1.3Report on the relationship between landscape structure, on-farm management and below-ground biodiversity.
 Deliverable 1.4Identifying synergies and trade-offs between drivers promoting above- and below-ground biodiversity.
 Deliverable 2.1Report on delivery of multiple above. and below.ground ecosystem services across Europe.
 Deliverable 2.2
Understanding the importance of species identity and functional traits for below- and above-ground ecosystem functioning
 Deliverable 2.3
Report on trade-offs between interacting services for major European crops
 Deliverable 3.1
Report on the effectiveness of a range of on-field management practices
 Deliverable 3.2Report on the effectiveness of a range of landscape management practices.
 Deliverable 3.3
Report on the effects on ecosystem services of combinations of on- and off-field mitigation options
 Deliverable 4.1Report on the development of production functions.
 Deliverable 4.2
Report on the calibration of models for seven European regions
 Deliverable 4.3
Report on consequences of landscape heterogeneity and spatial allocation of mitigation measures on trade-offs between multiple ecosystem services
 Deliverable 4.4
Report on mechanisms behind effects of arrangement of semi-natural habitats on pollination services
 Deliverable 5.1Report on farmer’s attitude towards on-site ecosystem services.
 Deliverable 5.2Report on economic models calibrated to case-study landscapes.
 Deliverable 5.3Report on income volatility in relation to biodiversity and ecosystem services.
 Deliverable 5.4
Report on economic models and evaluation of effects of ecological intensification on farm income
 Deliverable 6.1
Report on the potential of ecological intensification under different future land-use scenarios
 Deliverable 6.2
Interactions between greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural ecosystem services
 Deliverable 6.3
Report on management and policy recommendations on appropriate rates and quality of semi-natural habitats and on farm management
 Deliverable 7.1Logo, website, introductory leaflet and newsletter and report on general communication and dissemination strategy.
 Deliverable 7.2Glossary of terms on ecosystem services in agriculture.
 Deliverable 7.3Three case studies of policy options to harness benefits of semi-natural areas.
 Deliverable 7.4
International stakeholder workshop on eco-functional intensification
 Deliverable 7.5Name of deliverable: Network of demonstration sites set up across Europe.
 Deliverable 7.6
A minimum of 21 dissemination activities held at demonstration farms across Europe
 Deliverable 7.7
Report on development and lessons learned from demonstration sites on ecological intensification
 Deliverable 8.1General communication and dissemination strategy.
 Deliverable 8.2Advisory Board established.
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