Work package 7

Communication, Dissemination and Training of Effective Ecological Intensification

WP leader – FAO (I), Barbara Herren.

WP7 will serve as the vehicle to communicate project findings, establish an information-sharing network with key stakeholders and disseminate relevant information on the role and management of farmland biodiversity in securing ecosystem services for eco-functional intensification. In the communication, information dissemination and training aspect of this proposal, it is possible to activate networks and information channels on a global level, to share information amongst practitioners and policy makers who are working on “eco-functional intensification” around the world. The project will be positioned to share methods, build capacity and provide the evidence base for managing farmland biodiversity to enhance ecosystem services to agriculture.



    1. Establish a general communication and dissemination strategy;

Dissemination of results and findings

    2a. Initiate international stakeholders’ dialogue by means of a website and information dissemination platform, along with a network providing guidance in developing the evidence base for eco-functional intensification;

    2b. Form linkages between farmers practicing ecological intensification and local governments;

Training and sharing of skills – to improve exchange of ideas in this multidisciplinary project 

    3a. Foster close cooperation of the work package teams and promote a general overview on the project;

    3b. Build capacity amongst early career professionals and policy makers to address and support eco-functional intensification;


    4. Demonstrate management options promoting eco-functional intensification;